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Tori Porell’s American Bar Association Article

EBCLO's Tori Porell has written an article for the American Bar Association entitled Legal Representation of the Youngest Clients: A Holistic Approach which details her work over the past eighteen months as an Equal Justice Fellow at EBCLO.  She has developed a solid...

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Court Closure Announcement

As of today, the Alameda County Superior Court is closed until April 8, 2020.  The complete announcement is here.  Clients--please do not go to court for hearings scheduled during this time.  The EBCLO office is also closed during this time period.  Please contact...

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Reflections from Rob Waring

Rob Waring has meant so much to his clients, and the many lawyers and students he’s mentored. To commemorate his zealous advocacy for children over the last 16 years, we asked him to share some wisdom from his career. What led you to this work 16 years ago? There have...

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We’ve moved!

How do we celebrate the end of EBCLO's 10th anniversary year?  By moving!  Our home for the last seven years became an industrial marijuana growing facility over the last eighteen months so it was time for us to find a new home. I am pleased to announce that we are...

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