East Bay Children’s Law Offices believes foster youth deserve high-quality public education. Perhaps more than any other student population, foster youth depend on the education system to provide positive role models, a network of friendships, skills to succeed in life, and identification and provision of special education services — resources and supports that other children may find at home or through their extended network of family and friends.

EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program works to provide all Alameda County foster youth with educational success through advocacy in four key educational areas.

School Stability

EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program works to reduce the negative impact of school disruptions on Alameda County foster youth through enforcement of their school stability rights.

Special Education

EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program advocates on behalf of Alameda County foster youth receiving or in need of special education services wherever they may be placed.

School Discipline

EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program represents our clients in school expulsion and suspension proceedings.

High School Graduation

EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program assists youth in remaining engaged in their education and achieving their high school completion goals.

Helpful Resources

Click here download a copy of The Invisible Achievement Gap: Education Outcomes of Students in Foster Care in California’s Public Schools.

The following nonprofit organizations and municipal agencies provide a number of helpful educational resources. We recommend their website for further information:

Additional Links

Know Your RIghts

It can be challenging for youth and young adults to know the rights that they have. This page is a great start.

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health is a critical and often overlooked aspect of a young person’s health. This page provides resources that can help.


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