Empowering Youth Voices Group

Youth Voices Mission Statement

Within Youth Voices, our mission is to empower individuals affected by the foster care system, providing them with the tools, resources, and support necessary to harness their own autonomy and build community.

Youth Voices is a collective of resilient individuals with lived experience in foster care, dedicated social workers, and passionate attorneys who share a commitment to advocate for positive change, social justice, and the well-being of those who have faced the challenges of the foster care system. We believe that current and former foster youth voices must inform advocacy work for any lasting change to be made. And that by listening, we can disrupt the current foster care system creating a better future for all youth in care.

Are you a current or former client of EBCLO? Or did you spend time in foster care? Come share your opinions about your experiences in the system, particularly your experiences with your lawyer. Your voice will shape the future of what it means to be a lawyer for youth!

  • Monthly meetings
  • $25/hour for your time
  • Opportunity to create change with like minded youth and attorneys!

Contact Ginger Lewis Dole at ginger.lewisdole@ebclo.org for more information!


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