THE MISSION of East Bay Children’s Law Offices is to protect and defend the rights of children and youth through holistic, vigorous legal advocacy. EBCLO strives to provide a voice for children in and out of the courtroom and to promote positive outcomes for them.

WE BELIEVE that all children should live a safe and fulfilling life, connected to their families, and connected to the resources to heal from childhood trauma. We believe that every child’s voice should be heard and that in listening to children, we can change their world for the better. The problem is that the systems designed to protect children often add another layer of trauma. Foster youth are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illness, less likely to graduate from high school and more likely to enter the criminal justice system. We are committed to disrupting those patterns through effective and compassionate multi-disciplinary representation. We empower our clients’ voices in decisions that matter both inside the courtroom and out. We stand with the children.

WE UNDERSTAND that laws are not colorblind.  We recognize that we must work to dismantle structural racism and implicit and explicit bias that leads to disproportionality and disparate legal outcomes for BIPOC and LBGTQ+ children in Alameda County. We work to remedy these structural inequities, and to ensure that each client is treated with the respect and care they deserve. We honor our client’s stories, heritage, culture, and traditions and ensure they are seen and heard throughout the process. We value diverse lived experiences,  backgrounds and perspectives. EBCLO strives to reflect the East Bay community in its staff, leadership and Board of Directors. 


What We Do

At East Bay Children’s Law Offices, Youth Advocate Social Workers (YASWs) are embedded in all of our programs creating multidisciplinary collaborations between lawyers and social workers. Our Youth Advocate Social Workers (YASWs) provide vital advocacy for clients’ rights and ensure their overall well-being. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with attorneys to provide holistic representation, addressing both legal and psychosocial needs. YASWs provide assessments and case management; crisis intervention; and they collaborate with other service providers. Guided by principles of advocacy, collaboration and empowerment, our YASW program makes a positive difference in the lives of our community’s children and families.

Dependency Advocacy Program: We are appointed by the Alameda County Superior Court to represent children and youth brought to juvenile dependency court because they have been abused or neglected. We represent children at all stages of juvenile court proceedings from detention through permanency. Within the court process, we identify and request services for our clients, including advocating for their educational, developmental, physical and mental health needs.

Probate Guardianship Counsel for Children Program: EBCLO also accepts appointment to represent children in probate guardianship proceedings. The EBCLO team assesses the appropriateness of the guardianship and assists the children and their families in obtaining necessary community based services.

Community-based Advocacy for Resources and Education (CARE): The CARE program uses a trauma-informed approach to address the needs of our child clients beyond the four walls of the courtroom. CARE provides intensive and individualized support through specialist attorneys and social workers who hone in on key areas of practice—education, mental health, transition age youth and 0-5 year olds—to maximize positive outcomes for our child clients.


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