Expected state budget cuts hit home to the tune of $17,946.18 per month here at EBCLO.  The Judicial Council of California has determined it costs $202.9 million/year to adequately fund counsel for children and families in child welfare cases. Yet the 2016-2017 budget allocates only $114.7 million.  Our share of this deficit is over $215,000.

We need your help.  We are often asked how we do this work that we love.  It’s never been easy–and now it’s even harder.  We are inviting you to join in the work with us by providing the financial support we need to keep our doors open.  Our mission is to provide top notch holistic legal services to the most vulnerable children in our community.  Our clients are not someone else’s children; they are all of our children.  We invite you to contribute $18/month because we have lost $18,000/month.  Our hope is that with partners like you sharing in our mission, we will be able to continue to provide a strong voice for the children and youth we serve.  Thank you for your support.