Most EBCLO clients are only ever represented by one attorney.  Sometimes, however, a youth might have the opportunity to work with our specialty attorneys regarding education or emancipation issues.  And then there’s the youth whose lawyer goes on maternity leave, or even vacation, and the youth meets another fabulous EBCLO attorney.  “Rose” was one such client.  Not only did she meet several of us, but she endeared herself to every single one of us. Rose had some fits and starts with school, but last year she sought out someone to become her foster family.  With that support, she re-committed herself to school and found herself succeeding.  The judge noticed and asked her about school.  She invited him to her graduation.  Though he couldn’t make it, he suggested that maybe Rose’s lawyer would like to attend.  Indeed, Lisa Friedman did want to attend.
Rose made such an impact on every EBCLO attorney she met that they all pitched in to celebrate her high school graduation.  Two former EBCLO attorneys, Bianca Bedigian and Jenny Yu, even made arrangements to personally sign Rose’s graduation card and contribute to a gift for her.  And in the audience at her graduation in the central valley . . . her foster family, her biological family and EBCLO attorneys Dominique Pinkney and Lisa Friedman.
Congratulations to Rose and three cheers for her EBCLO Dream Team as well.