You may not all be basketball fans, but EBCLO is directly across the highway from the home of the Golden State Warriors. Needless to say, we’re Dubs fans. If you’ve seen any of the playoff games, you probably noticed the sea of yellow shirts with their motto Strength in Numbers. What’s amazing about the Warriors is their deep bench of talent and their ability to work together even when their star player is sidelined.

EBCLO has shown its strength in numbers this spring. After education attorney Jenny Yu transitioned to Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore, staff attorney Peggy Stone subbed in as education attorney for the past month.  Later in May, staff attorney Haley Fagan will start as our new education attorney this month. Likewise, our Community-based Advocacy for Resources and Education (CARE) AB12 attorney Liz Aleman will join the starting lineup of attorneys in the Oakland dependency courtroom. In another late season trade, dependency staff attorney Collin Baker will join the CARE team as the new Transition Age Youth Services Coordinator. Even Board President Kathy Siegel is getting in the game, subbing in for staff attorney Amanda Sherwood who will be going on maternity leave. In late breaking news, Dan Richardson, one of EBCLO’s original staff attorneys, will be joining the California Judicial Council.

EBCLO is now recruiting two staff attorneys and will soon be announcing new social worker recruits.  It’s almost like the NBA draft. I am so proud of EBCLO’s strength in numbers as we continue to build the best team around.