EBCLO is pleased to announce that we have received a $15,000 grant from The San Francisco Foundation to support the work of the Education Advocacy Program in 2012-2013. The San Francisco Foundation was established in 1948 and has become one of the nation’s largest community foundations awarding grants totaling more than $800 million over the past ten years. The San Francisco Foundation addresses community needs by supporting innovative ideas and strengthening existing nonprofit organizations that lack sufficient resources or infrastructure. EBCLO’s Education Advocacy Program, led by Daniel Senter, has made a tremendous impact in improving educational outcomes for Alameda County’s foster youth since its inception in 2010. Foster youth have often endured multiple layers of trauma, have little social capital in the way of family or friends, disproportionately struggle with mental health and special education needs, are more likely to be homeless and incarcerated, and are disproportionately youth of color who must contend with societal biases and racism. By providing foster youth with an advocate for their educational needs, EBCLO has enforced foster children’s rights to educational stability even when the child changes homes, and ensured that foster youth have access to educational and extracurricular programs. Through the support of The San Francisco Foundation, EBCLO will continue to seek to close the achievement gap for foster youth and realize education equity on their behalf. EBCLO is honored to be selected by The San Francisco Foundation as a partner for social change and strengthening our community.

For more information about the San Francisco Foundation visit: www.sff.org