Your Body

You have the right…

  • To be free from abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or other) and corporal punishment.
  • To receive medical, dental, vision, and mental health services.
  • To be free of the administration of medication or chemical substances, unless authorized by a physician.
  • To consent or decline services regarding contraception, pregnancy care, and perinatal care, including abortion services and health care services for sexual assault, without the knowledge or consent of any adult.
  • To talk to your doctor about your treatment.
  • To transportation to and from your medical appointments.
  • To receive drug and alcohol treatment without permission.

For more information about your mental health rights:

For more information about your sexual and reproductive health rights:








Your Plans for
the Future

Your Sexual Orientation,
Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE)

Do you feel your rights as a foster youth have been violated?

Do you feel your rights as a foster youth have been violated? If so, you also have the right to contact the Community Care Licensing Division of the State Department of Social Services or the State Foster Care Ombudsperson regarding any violations of your rights. You can speak to representatives of these offices confidentially, and have a right to be free from threats or punishment for making complaints.

To make a complaint with Community Care Licensing, email or call 1-844-538-8766. You can also visit the website at

To contact or make a complaint with the Foster Care Ombudsperson, email, call 1-877-846-1602, or visit their website at

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