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School Issues

Perhaps more than any other population, foster children are in desperate need of high-quality public education. They depend on the education system to provide positive role models, a network of friendships, skills to succeed in life, and identification and provision of special education services -- resources and supports that other children may find at home or through their extended network of family and friends.

Unfortunately, most foster youth do not receive the education they need. They are frequently bounced from home to home and consequently from school to school. This leads to prolonged absences, inappropriate placements, missing records, lost credits, enrollment in inappropriate classes, and deficient special education services.

As a consequence of these systemic failures, the educational outcomes of foster children are tragically poor. [For more information, download a copy of the National Center for Youth Law's: Education Advocacy Systems.]

Foster youth education advocacy resources

  1. Initial Assessment for Special Education:
    1. California Foster Youth Education Task Force ("CFYETF"): Special Education Fact Sheet
    2. Special Ed Initial Assessment Letter
    3. Special Ed Assessment IEP Timeline
    4. Join Foster Ed Connect for education resources and interactive Q&A
  2. Individual Education Plan ("IEP") Meetings:
    1. Disability Rights California: 18 Tips for Getting a Successful IEP
    2. CFYETF: Education Rights Fact Sheet
    3. Speak with an education advocate at the Disability Rights Education Defense Fund
  3. School Discipline:
    1. Legal Services for Children: Suspension-Expulsion Manual
    2. Public Counsel: 2010 School Discipline
    3. CFYETF: School Discipline Fact Sheet
    4. CFYETF: Special Ed School Discipline Fact Sheet
  4. Enrollment:
    1. CFYETF: AB 490 Fact Sheet
    2. CFETF: AB 490 Q&A
  5. Behavior and Mental Health:
    1. CFETF: Behavior Assessment Fact Sheet
    2. CFETF: AB 3632 Fact Sheet
    3. CFETF: Non Public Schools Fact Sheet
  6. Change of Education Rights Holder:
    1. California Dept. of Education: Surrogate Parents in California Special
      Education: An Overview
    2. JV-535 Form